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June 2014
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I’ve mentioned before, when we bought the motorhome, I had to have part of the hump in my driveway removed. This fixed the scraping issue when we pulled out or into the driveway most of the time. But, it still occasionally scrapes.

The other day, I backed into the driveway and it scraped. When I walked around it, about 18″ of bumper was hanging on the ground. Actually, it was the fibreglass bumper cover, but it was still heartbreaking.

I started to fix it the other day, I bought a bit of aluminum bar and used it to put straps across the bumper pieces to reattach the cover. Then, with a big acetone cleanup to follow, I reinforced the bars with several layers of fibreglass cloth and resin.

Reattached bumper piece

The bumper end reattached.

Now, it was time to put on my body work hat and make it look pretty. A few days ago, I took the actual part to Canadian Tire and went through their auto touchup paint rack. I found two possible colours, one from Honda and one from Toyota, to paint over the repair. I also picked up some paintable caulking to seal the bumper when it was attached.

I filed the crack, knocking down the high points and covering where I had countersunk the screws from the repair. Sanding, cleaning and painting followed, and then replace the rubber strip that runs across the bumper.

fixed bumber

Finished job.

All in all, it turned out well. The colour isn’t exact, but in a few weeks, a little rubbing compound to feather the edges will make a big difference. Hopefully, I can get the driveway done properly and this issue becomes a thing of the past…


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