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Play lab begins

June 2014
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  • We’ve been here almost 27 years and I never get tired of the scenery. 3 hours ago
  • RT @RedIsDead: Koko the gorilla once ripped a sink out of the wall and, when her keepers confronted her about it, she blamed her kitten, si… 5 hours ago
  • Yukon community issues... I seem to have data but no voice. 6 hours ago
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  • Almost finished. Packing the motor home for the first trip always takes longer than you expect. I am now celebratin…… 4 days ago

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What is Playlab, you ask. Playlab is a one-week intensive session with a dramaturge working on an existing play to bring a draft to a final production version. Nakai Theatre in Whitehorse hosts this yearly, picking five playwrights’ works that will be the most likely produced by nakai in the near future. My play, And, on the Second Day was picked this year.

When I was asked if I’d submit it, I was quite happy. I did some changes from my list of edit notes, and sent the newest along with what I was hoping to do to the dramaturge who was coming up for this. Then, I decided to check out a bit on the guy coming up in the Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre  online. Yowsers. This guy’s CV is… long and distinguished to say the least. Now, to say I’m a little intimidated is an understatement. Look for yourself here.

Scary issues aside, I’m looking forward to our first meeting tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how scheduling, etc., will go; however, I have the camper partly ready and may go to a lake nearby and spend a day or two of writing somewhere else for a change. I did my final edits at the campground a few weeks ago, and was far more productive than I would have been sitting around the house. Of course, productivity will be greatly aided since I’m not taking the boat or the fishing gear…



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