Once in

Acts: 1
4 M, 1 W

Social media has provided a venue for people who’s only focus in life is their political beliefs. However, this has been true before the advent of the internet.

The play takes place in a rooming house in Derry, Northern Ireland, in late January and early February, 1972. A new roomer arrives, a former Royal Ulster Constabulary officer,  and this creates confrontation with another resident. The two, with different backgrounds, and on differing sides of The Troubles, must try to come to some truce to live together in close quarters. This truce is strongly tested with the Bogside Massacre and the heightened tensions between Republicans and Loyalists



Fergus Kennedy, former member of the Irish Republican Army, mid-70s
Allister MacDonald, former member of the Royal Irish Constabulary, mid-70s
Mrs. McCreedy, widow, currently runs a boarding house, 40s-50s
Radio announcer (voice)
Ambulance attendant
Royal Uslter Constabulary Sergeant, 50s



The play takes place in Mrs. McCreedy’s boarding house in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, during January and February, 1972. All of the play takes place in the parlour.

The parlour has two reclining chairs, a radio, and a small coffee table, upstage centre. There is a door stage left.