That which is consumed by fire

2 F, 1 M

Secrets rule the conversation when people in a rural community are evacuated to a hotel because of a forest fire. No one knows if their homes were burned and tensions are high.



Helen Jenkins           Housewife in her early 60s. Helen is quiet, mousy, unremarkable.

Karen Allan             Retired provincial government employee, free spirited, divorced. Karen is in her late 60s and is Helen’s best friend.

Bob Jenkins             Former trucker and businessman, late 60s, Helen’s husband.


The play takes place in modern day British Columbia. The characters are staying in a hotel after being evacuated due to a forest fire.

The hotel room has a bed, a door to the hallway, a door to the washroom, a television, sofa, and two end tables. There is a coffee maker, cups, etc. on a sideboard.