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Fracture Zone is a play I have been working on since November 2010. It is set some time in the foreseeable future following a major earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Vancouver Island. It looks at the relationship between three people in a refugee camp set up by the army shortly after the catastrophe.

PullquoteWhy the play? I’ve been interested in how people cannot truly grasp the scope of a disaster. We know it happens and that many people perish in the disaster, yet have a great deal of difficulty considering these people as more than numbers. If you know someone who was involved, there’s sort of the tendency to think something like “9,999 people and Fred died.” Disasters don’t happen to large groups of people. They happen to individuals. Sometimes, there’s just a lot of them.

The play does involve the earthquake, but only as a backdrop for the story.

Picture yourself in the shoes of one of a handfull of survivors of such as disaster. How do you survive, and how do you survive survival?


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