My Game of Thrones predictions

Warning: Spoilers.

Some were right. Some weren’t even close. But, I suppose if you are one of those who wanted an alternate ending, you could just use these…


As I mentioned, I was going to write down my predictions after Episode 2 of Season 8. Here they are:

I know a lot of people think the Night King is going to win at all and end up on the Iron Throne. If so, the sheer bulk of major characters wouldn’t be in Winterfell but rather at King’s Landing for that “winner-take-all” battle. Sorry about those folks guess but the Night King dies in Winterfell setting up a final push for the Iron Throne.

The end of the Night King will come with a few other deaths, though. Theon started the show as a pretty miserable person. Dying defending Bran is probably the glorious end he deserves. It will probably be in vain, as I suspect this is the end of Bran as well. The last of the Children died defending the last Three-Eyed-Raven, and with the Night King gone, is another one needed? And, given the closeness they showed last week, and since you should never get attached to any of the characters, Sansa probably dies at the same time as Theon.

Who kills the Night King? Since the plan is to lure him to the courtyard and kill him there, a little stealth would be a pretty handy skill. Why have a trained assassin in the family if she isn’t the one to kill the Night King. By the way, Littlefinger’s Valyerian steel dagger is how she does him in.

The remainder of the main characters all survive to move against Cersei at King’s Landing. I think (see later prediction) Jaime is responsible for saving Brienne’s life during the battle with the dead and Tyrion saves Jaime during the battle as well.

Okay. Who else dies? We know, based on the prediction, that both Varys and Melisandre will die. How? I can’t guess.

For the rest, we move on to the final push to take the throne. One fact is sure: Cersei dies. The fortune teller said she would have three children and outlive them. Don’t expect her to survive to have the fourth. She is either going to be killed by Jaime (not the first ruler he’s done in, after all) or Ser Jorah.

If you remember from last season, and from the animation for this season, the large crossbow built by Qyburn is going to be important, probably for shooting Daenerys dragon and she dies in the fall. Jon gets revenge by frying Qyburn, who really deserves it anyway. If no other theme comes from Game of Thrones, it’s “revenge is good.” And, no, I don’t think Daenerys wins the throne. If this is the case, then I think Jorah gets to have his revenge by killing Cersei.

What happens to Jorah? He gets killed by the Mountain, who is, in turn, killed by the Hound. It’s the revenge thing.

I mentioned Tyrion saves Jaime’s life earlier since, I think Bronn will try to meet his job of killing both of them in the first episode, with the crossbow Tyrion used to kill Tywin. I can see Bronn shooting at Tyrion and Jaime getting in the way, dying to protect his brother. Jaime started the series as a miserable person, and the sacrifice would seem to be appropriate as a way of making amends. To be perfectly fair, Bronn dies after combat with Brienne.

There’s a lot of dying here, isn’t there? Who lives? Jon, for one does since he will have an important role to fill later. For those wondering, so does Ser Davos, since he has an important role, as well.

I suppose I should say who I think ends up on the Iron Throne here. Despite his royal blood, it’s not Jon. He’s probably going to return to Winterfell to rule as either Warden or King of the North since no other family member is left to rule. Wait, does Arya survive my predictions? Yes, but I think she’s stay in Kings Landing with the only other remaining character of royal birth. Martin does seem to like things being cyclical, and, since the series starts with a Baratheon on the Iron Throne and end the same way. Gendry, as the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, is going to end up as king. Jon is going to ensure that those who know he is a Targaryen hide the knowledge. I think anyone watching from the beginning suspects that Jon has no desire to be anywhere but the north.

Well, since I wrote this on April 24th, I wonder how I did. We’ll know in four weeks for sure, and by this Sunday evening if I’m even close…

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