So, how does Game of Thrones end?

There are four more episodes of Game of Thrones left and it’s time for wondering how this all pans out. I’ve made a few predictions about who would end up on the Iron Throne over the years; however, these have changed over time.

I’ve made some major changes after the last episode, keeping in mind George R. R. Martin’s penchant for (politely put) surprises. So, I’m going to write mine down this week and see how close I am to guessing the ending. Who lives? Who dies (and how)? Who ends up on the Iron Throne? What happens to the major characters?

No, I’m not going to post these until after the final episode. I hate spoilers and suspect many others feel the same way.

Maybe, everyone else who wants should do the same (and, no, don’t post them). Think of this as a contest with no winners and no prize. I would be curious to see, though, how close every one came. I’ll post mine a few days after, just to make sure everyone has seen the final episode…

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