A word of warning

It is rare that, despite all of their faults, I would feel the need to warn someone about a Yukon campground. As a rule, they are safe, quiet, and a wonderful place to stay. They are scenic and most are on water.

However, I did see something this weekend at the Kusawa Lake campground that makes me wonder what some people are like.

The people in the next campsite have a 22’ aluminum boat. They were tied to the wharf next to the boat launch at the end, since they need reasonably deep water. On Saturday, they asked if I could move my boat, tied to the next wharf, a little further down the wharf to make room for them to tie there.

I had no problem with the request, although I was a bit curious. There was a rather stiff southerly wind and they were tied to the north side of the wharf, a far better place, particularly for a larger, taller boat.

After they got tied up, I asked why they moved. They told me they found a note in the boat. Someone had gone on their boat, went into the cabin, and left a note on their dash. Paraphrased, since I didn’t actually see it, the note said, “This wharf is for launching boats. If you leave it tied here, I will cut your lines and you can go looking for your boat at the end of the lake.”

Suffice to say, it is more than a little creepy.

Remember that this is one of the few wharves here and there is no rule about tying up here. And, what sort of wingnut threatens to cut a $150,000 boat loose because he or she doesn’t like the place you moored your boat.

So, when you come to Kusawa Lake, keep in the back of your mind that there is some congenital idiot out there who cannot be trusted. And, this is a sad state of affairs…


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