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First trip of the year, 2016

June 2016
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I’m a bit late posting this, but there were a number of chores to do, such as getting the boat fixed, hunting for a new generator, and some general yard work. Now that that’s done, and I printed out the checklist to go camping this weekend, I should get around to dealing with this.

Friday, June 10, 2016

This is my first camping trip in almost a year. It started well but took a bit of an annoyance turn before the end of the day. The temperature has been quite warm today, with sunny weather. However, the boat does not seem very cooperative today. It doesn’t seem to want to run properly. Oh, well. That does allow for having a beer at a reasonable time, rather than having to wait until we came back from fishing and a boat ride or two.

I left just before noon to come out to Fox Lake. I had brought the motorhome out on Wednesday evening, hoping to have the boat ready to come out sooner.  However, there were things to get done and I didn’t really get a chance to come until today. Clara did not come out, and she kept the cats, so the motorhome seems a lot emptier. I came out this morning with the boat and launched it when I arrived. I set up the boat, then set up the camper. There were a few things to do, such as make the bed and put the food away.  I followed that with taking the boat out for a half hour. It trolled well, but didn’t seem to want to move too quickly. I got back to the dock, lifted the motor, and discovered the trolling plate didn’t want to come up. I fixed that, and then company arrived. Katrina and Ryan, along with Shawna, Hanna, and her parents came.

Katrina and I went out for a quick run after dinner time. However, now the boat didn’t want to run well at all. It’s a tossup between a dirty filter, a dying fuel pump, or bad gas. I will state categorically that the gas does have fuel stabilizer in it and has since late August.

After supper, we gathered for a camp fire and had a few beers, watching it not get really dark.  I went down to the dock to get a few pictures, and came back for a last cup of tea before going to bed. I read for a bit and slipped out to get some pictures about 11:30. By that point, it was time for bed. It was 21 degrees most of the day and quite sunny. It was one of those days where the sunscreen didn’t get too far from your hand.




Saturday, June 11, 2016

I didn’t actually wake up until 10 AM, after a nice sleep. The weather wasn’t so bad when I got up, although it wasn’t really shorts weather at that point. The temperature was only 16 degrees, less than it was went I went to bed last night at about midnight.

The wind blew throughout the day, primarily from the southeast. It was windy enough that I didn’t feel like I would have out the boat in. This, by the way, is what I’m telling myself to make the fact the boat isn’t working seem better…

We basically all hang around today. Ryan was going to a party in town so he went back to Whitehorse this morning.  I had a nap, since it was just a lazy day at the campground. People found things to do, Katrina and I went for a walk, etc. I did drop over to some friends’ cabin, but they weren’t home. Oh, well.

The evening plan was just sit around the campfire, read, and do very little. I find camping is one of the few times I really get to just sit and read. Maybe, when I retire, it should be a big camping trip.

After barbecuing some chicken skewers for a nice dinner, the weather changed. The sun came out and the wind died. It seemed like a good idea to load the boat now, rather than see what tomorrow weather is would be. It can be a bit of an issue when the wind is pushing against the side of the boat when you’re trying to load it on the trailer. It went rather quickly, and Katrina and I put the travel cover on it and got it ready to pull home tomorrow. Now, time for a nice glass of wine and to sit around the campfire. Camping is so strenuous.

I did go for another walk around the campground and then, back to sitting around the fire.  It did get up to 18 degrees at one point, but had fallen to 15 by 9:30. At that point, it was time for me to go back to the camper, get a cup of tea and a snack, and then read a bit before bed.


The campsite

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My last morning. I got up relatively early and packed up the camper. It’s annoying that the boat didn’t work, but it is the first trip of the year and things usually need tweaking. I guess I do need to take the boat in this week and look at my wish list item, a much quieter generator…




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