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Camping considered: the first road trip

March 2016
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The weather is turning nice. We have a new car. It was time for the first short road trip of the year.

I wanted this to see if I could get a few pictures. It’s also time to see how long I can drive with my knee recovering. And, I wanted to know, now that we’ve hit the break in period, how the car would be on a longer road trip. And then, there is the final reason. It’s time to start preparing the cats for the road.

Everything worked out the way I expected. The short drive, about 45 minutes, was fine for the car and my knee. I didn’t get any pictures, but that happens. Darcy, as usual, approached this with the attitude of, “Road trip. They’ll wake me when it’s time to eat.” Furball, however, is not my little road warrior. The mournful meows started in the driveway. He sounds like you’re pulling his soul out of his body through the pores of his skin. The good news is that he settled down after about half an hour. But, he was a pretty happy kitty when we came in the house…


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