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The knee chronicles

March 2016
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I apologise to Ray Bradbury for a potential title plagiarising issue.

It’s been a bit over eleven weeks since my surgery and I figured it must be time for a progress report. And, I have been making progress. Last week, I graduated from physiotherapy, meaning I am now fit to be doing my rehab exercises on my own. That being said, I do have to go back in for an assessment to ensure I have been getting along without the physiotherapy version of adult supervision.

I can bend my knee 110°, which is far more than I could before surgery. This is kind of neat considering that the surgeon said I would probably have a little less than I had after surgery. I ride my stationary bike daily, up to 30 minutes twice a day. This is fun since I wasn’t able to bend my knee enough to do that since shortly after I started building the house in 2004. I’m looking forward to taking my old road bike, a 10-speed I bought about 20 years ago at a yard sale for $10, in for a tune up and hitting the streets. No, I’m not considering the Klondike Road Relay yet, but who knows what next year may bring.

My main physiotherapist wants me to try and get the bend up to about 115°. As a note, there actually is a stop built into the metal joint that prevents you from bending it more than 120°. This is to keep you from bending further than the joint surfaces, an issue you may not want to picture. I still need to work on this, since there is apparently a rather small window of time to work on this before it closes. I`ll admit that I`m amazed I have this much range of motion, but am greedy enough to take more if I can get it. I will spare you have much I “enjoy” my range of motion exercises. People who have been to physio have no fear of going to hell.

I still have some pain and still take over the counter pain killers. I also still have a few issues getting into the cab of my truck, although I have no issues getting in and out of Clara`s new car if I push the seat all the way back. It`s still way better than trying to get in or out of the Escape, and I don`t miss trying to sardine myself into it (is that really a verb, or am I just verbing something I shouldn’t?)

I still take my cane with me when I go out, although it really is just for dealing with the snow. I’ve been walking without it for weeks now. My borrowed equipment (crutch, walker, etc.) went back to the Red Cross two weeks ago.

Next month, there are two upcoming milestones. On April 4th, I go back to work. I’m looking forward to it, although it will take a little pre-training to remind myself that I have to get up in the morning. And, the same date is the first day the insurance goes back on the camper for the summer season. Given how early things seem to be this year, that second milestone is probably pretty important. There are some lakes open here already.


knee picture

So, here’s a picture of it in all its glory. I figure most of you will get to see it when shorts weather arrives. The incision has healed quite nicely and the scar is getting paler and less obvious. I didn’t want to post an earlier one with the staples, since I looked like I’d been involved in an office supplies accident that would be hard to explain in the emergency ward…


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