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A project delayed

October 2015
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Some things progress. Some don’t.

I ran into a sticking point when I tried to finish the pony wall. I ran out of nails. They need to be galvanized since they’ll be outdoors. However, only the hardware stores sell them and the one that is normally open on Sunday was closed for inventory.

I did think of buying a spiker at Canadian Tire. However, they sell nails for the 34° framing nailers they sell, but not in galvanized. So, I’m stuck.

I did have a few things left to do that I could. I finished taking the last few things out of the camper and left the cupboard doors open. I did cut the lumber for the last wall. I also assembled some of the frames for the shelter.

Now, I have to wait until tomorrow to get nails. Maybe, I should buy the nailer anyway…


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