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Fox Lake trip

June 2015
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Camping resumes.

June 10

The second camping trip of the year commences! Again, we headed to Fox Lake for a bit of “out of town” and a bit of fishing if the weather was to work out. It would be a bit of a broken trip, since I had to come back into town on Friday. To do this, my daughter drove out with Clara’s truck so I could come back in.

Our first day was a lazy one. I drove out in the motorhome with the cats. We tried a new experiment with bringing them in separate carriers. This was not a successful as I would have liked, since the soul rending meowing from Furball made it hard to concentrate on the road. However, we did make it to the lake without incident.

campsite image

Our site for the weekend.

We spent most of the day setting up, since we brought far more stuff with us this time. Eventually, we settled down to sleep, with the cats settling for the upper bunk, at first. Darcy did show up several times for a head bump and to make sure my beard was appropriately groomed. Clara’s cheeks apparently needed washing on several occasions through the night. She did finally head back up to the upper bunk and fell asleep with on her sooky blanket with her stuffy. She may be Daddy’s Little Panther, but she’s Daddy’s little baby, too.

June 11

Day 2 was a lazy day. I didn’t bring the boat out since the forecast was quite windy for Wednesday and Thursday, and I thought I would wait to bring the boat Friday. It was gusty most of the day and so far, I haven’t had the awning up except for a few hours today.

We used the occasion to have a lazy day. Several naps were the high point of Thursday, since the joy pf camping is saying, “Screw it, I’m going to read or lay down for a while.” Even the cats jumped into the schedule with full abandon.

I have noticed we seem to be using more water than budgeted. This may take some consideration. We had a late supper, and eventually settled down to sleep. Yes, this did involve some more beard grooming, but this has become a nightly ritual.

June 12

We woke early, so I could go back into town, get my knee X-rayed, get the boat, and do a bit of shopping. It is obvious we are using way more water than I had hoped with the original plan of staying until Sunday. The grey and black tanks are also 2/3 full. We need to work on water management better. I did bring back another large water jug in case we run out. Filling the grey and black tanks is a small issue compared to having no water at all. Yes, it sounds a bit odd parked next to a lake but giardia is not my idea of a fun time.

Furball was pretty desolate on the way home, so I decided we should try putting them in a bigger, single carrier. We did that when I took them to the vet but they hissed and howled at each other and I figured Darcy was going to murder poor Furball in his carrier. The handle on the carrier broke, so we took it back and bought two single carriers. We put them in the bigger one and Darcy was hissing in less than five minutes. I think there’s no way I’m going to win on this so we’ll try using the bigger carrier for a while. They did drive to Whitehorse from Port Alberni in the same sized carrier so this shouldn’t be an issue.

We got back around supper time and it was quite windy, blowing hard from the north with thick white caps. I held off launching the boat until after supper when the weather turned rather calm. I had the boat tied to the dock and it was shortly after that the wind came up again, and again from the north. I took and potential plans of a late night fishing trip on dead calm water, like it was the previous night when we went to bed. I went back to the dock and checked my lines three times before going to bed. I did cheat and make sure I tied it bow into wind at the dock.

I will certainly say one thing. I’ve seen several different cloud formations this weekend. The clearing sky to the north at midnight this evening was a bit odd looking, for sure.

cloud image


June 13

The wind was as bad or worse today. I checked my lines earlier in the morning and retied them. I managed to wear away some of the dock, the boat was bouncing so much. There seemed to be no indication it would die down anytime soon and I spent a fair amount of time thinking of hauling it out and taking it home, rather than waiting until the next day.

The wind at Fox Lake.

I did make one minor goof. We brought all of the cats’ leads home and in forgot to bring them back to the campsite with us. All there was left was a short leash in the truck. This meant you could only take one for a walk at a time, meaning there was much unhappiness from the one left behind. This ended as part of the windy weather, since neither one was out for long before crying to go back into the camper.

We did discover that friends whose cottage is next to the campsite were there for a bit and we dropped in after supper, and after I had pulled the boat. This was not an easy task, although the wind wasn’t the problem. Someone in their infinite wisdom parked their boat trailer in front of mine. I had to wiggle it out by hand and the language that may have accompanied the task was not for all audiences.

By the time the boat was fully put away and I put a fire in, the lake had calmed down considerably. I wasn’t totally surprised since it had to stop blowing eventually. But, it was after 10 PM and I wasn’t turning around and relaunching the boat, only to have to take it out again tomorrow morning anyway.

Suffice to say, the lake turned a little nicer, although not nice enough to justify throwing the boat back in…

Nice sunset looking north.

Nice sunset looking north.

sunset image

Midnight, looking south towards town.

June 14

We got up early today. We opted to skip breakfast (actually I skipped breakfast, since Clara got up earlier than I did), and got the two vehicles packed up to head back. We still need to figure out the organization of the camper a bit. This was done under the watchful eye of Furball who figured something was up. Darcy was too wound up to care until I put her in the camper for the drive home. Since Clara took the truck, I put the carrier in the passenger seat so they could see me while we were driving. This started with Darcy grooming Furball, followed by Darcy hissing and spitting at him 30 seconds later. I told them to settle down and, oddly enough it did. They were both asleep in two minutes and stayed that way most of the way home.

All in all, a nice weekend despite the lack of fishing. I’m sure I can find a chance to fix that situation in the near future…


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