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Indocrinating new cult members

May 2015
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For those not aware, we got two cats two months ago. They were rescues, and friends brought them up from Port Alberni. However, after taking this time to get used to us and the house, tonight is the time when we determine if they will be real Rutherford cats or not. Tonight is the first night they get to sleep in the motorhome. We are only spending the night in the driveway, so this should be easy enough.

This has not progressed without trauma. Furball is the first to find the upper bunk. Darcy is still trying to find a way out. She knows where the door is, and is sitting in front of it rather expectantly.

Image of Furball

Furball and the upper bunk.

Darcy at the window.

Darcy at the window.

Soon they will be willing members of the camping cult. After all, as a good Daddy, the bag of treats came out of the house with me and I have learned the power of bribery. When I turn the lights out and go to bed, they will probably climb in with me as usual and all will be normal… even in the camper…



  1. The only cat I ever had was a Siamese with the kinked tail and an attitude to match. She came from…, you guessed it, Port Alberni but I was probably eight years old, and that was then. I’ve been a dog person pretty much forever since.

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