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Another playwriting competition

November 2014
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Another year has come and gone and another playwriting competition is over.  There’s nothing quite like the joys of writing, caffeine, adrenalin, and insomnia that accrue in such a short period of time.

I thought about spending it working on two plays I’ve been trying to finish over the last while. However, I thought I would write something new for a number of reasons.

A friend passed away recently. We had worked together for 22 years and, as it turned out after half of that time, our grandparents had both emigrated from the same town outside Belfast in the 1920s. I figured it was time to write a play that takes place in Ulster, namely Derry in January and February of 1972.

If you think you can write a play from scratch in 24 hours, you will be disappointed. I`m content with the first draft I managed in that time. It`s a bit ragged at the edges, but that`s how first drafts are supposed to be.

So, there`s another one on my plate. One of these days, I going to have to retire, if for no other reason than to finish a few plays…


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