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A new horse or a new cart?

September 2014
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Well, my parts request just took a funny turn today. I got an email from Rapala this morning. The email was forwarded including a previous mail from someone else in Rapala to send a parts diagram. The part of the email directed to me asked for my mailing address, including a full address if I had a PO box.

I responded with my address and then thought for a minute. Couldn’t they just have emailed me a PDF? I thought about emailing back suggesting that after work.

I actually got off work early. A water main was broken and they had to shut off the water at work. We all got sent home and the college was closed. I checked my email to send a request that they just email me a PDF if possible. What I got was this:

Hi Doug,
Mailed out one MGII reel. Final warranty/replacement.
Kind regards,


I was a wee bit surprised. I would have been quite content with repairing it. Suffice to say, I’ve repaired enough reels in my time. The reel was less than a year old, but I never even mentioned my emails.

So, I may not give Rapala huge marks for ongoing maintenance help, but they do score well in the customer service area…



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