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Road Trip, last day

August 2014
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  • And now, a short nap and off for a week or so of no internet. Don’t screw the world up too badly while I’m gone, folks. 4 days ago
  • Almost finished. Packing the motor home for the first trip always takes longer than you expect. I am now celebratin…… 4 days ago

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We woke up early, had breakfast and was on the road by 9:30 AM. Our starting mileage was 106,420.0. We ended our trip at 107,268.3. We put 3800 km on during the trip and spent about $1,500 to make it. Our final mileage was 25.1 l/100 km.

It was a nice drive. I got reminded once again just how beautiful both Stone Mountain and Muncho Lake Provincial Parks are. I do have to make a trip where you do get a chance to have that area as a destination, rather than passing through heading somewhere else.

I also did plan my trip to not drive through either Stone Mountain or Muncho Lake at dusk, or worse yet, after dark. The last time I did that, all you saw on the side of the road was a constant reflection of eyes from sheep, caribou, moose and bison. Never again…


Summit Lake, Stone Mountain Park



Slide area, Stone Mountain Park

One thing to note after you pass through Muncho Lake Provincial Park: watch for bison on the road. The largest North American land mammal does make a rather substantial obstacle to traffic and they don’t really seem to care that cars and trucks are driving on the road. Challenging one is not on my list of preferred activities. Several groups were on the road between the northern portion of Muncho Lake Park and Upper Liard.


Bison, Upper Liard, BC

By the time you get to Stone Mountain Park, you get to remember some of the winding nature of the Alaska Highway. From here until close to Watson Lake, the road is narrow, with numerous curves and hills. We stopped at Watson Lake to gas up the final time and to grab lunch. It was nice to see the TAGS store there rebuilt after it burned down several years ago. A few details need to be finished but it does add another choice to grab a quick lunch on the road. It was also a chance to remind myself I was back in the Yukon, land of cheap gas. Other than the one stop in La Glace, AB for fuel, most other places in BC had incredibly high gas prices, ranging between $1.59 in Wonowon to $1.64 in Dease Lake per liter.


Nisutlin Bay, Teslin Lake, YT


Teslin, YT. The only picture of me from the trip

We drove the rest the way back in about 6 hours. We took our time, particularly from the Yukon River Bridge south of town when we got hit with a torrential downpour. It had cleared by the time we got to the house though.

A few general notes. First, if you can’t live without connectivity, this is not the place to come. Internet and cell service was only available in limited places on our trip, and you have to be within a centre, and not on its outskirts to get either. There is no cell service on the highway.

The big observation was another reminder: 14 days on vacation, with 6 full days spent driving. You get an idea of how large this place is…


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