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Road Trip, Day 13

August 2014
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Well, we started the home trip this morning. Our starting mileage was 105,714.2, and we ended with 106,420.0. Total for the day was 705.8 km.

We woke early and started packing for the final trip. Then we got a visit from everyone but the wedding party, and took a quick run to Ernie and Dora’s to drop everyone off so Ernie could show us where the free RV dump was at the Sexsmith Heritage Park. It’s a nice place and seems to have a nice campground there, although we didn’t really have much time to look around. Then, it was off to La Glace, cheating back around Grande Prairie using Highway 59 again. I got gas there, and it was the cheapest I bought on the trip, $1.24 9/10 a liter.

We started driving along, and had a nice drive. The highway was in great shape between Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson. I originally thought we might stay there, but felt like moving on to try this supposedly nice place at Tetsa River, about 115 km past Fort Nelson.

That was quite an eye opener. We ran into construction 35 km past Fort Nelson, and had to wait 30 minutes for a pilot car to run us through. The sign said there would be construction for 1 km, but it turned out to be more than 8 km. We ran into two other areas on either side of Steamboat Hill. The first wasn’t too bad, but the second was rather poor. The speed zone for the construction was 30 km/hr, but don’t try going that fast.

We came into the campground, with a flashing sign on the highway saying “Open.” The office wasn’t, although there was someone inside. I knocked and no one answered. I drove around looking for an open site, and just deal with it in the morning. When I was looking, another camper came over and told me the owner won’t talk to customers after he decides to close up. He doesn’t know what time that is, but we arrived about 7:15 PM. Also, he told me that the power is shut off at 10 PM, since all he has is a diesel generator and it is rather noisy. That’s OK, since our site has no services at all. Apparently very few are serviced, and the electrical power is only 15 amp, not the advertised 30 amp. Also, there is free Wi-Fi advertised, but no Wi-Fi transmitter in the campground. If there was anywhere else to stay, I would have moved on. Unfortunately, that would involve driving through Stone Mountain Park in the dusk, but there’s way too many large animals on the road at that time of night for my liking…



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