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Road Trip, Day 9-11

August 2014
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Our drive to Grande Prairie from Prince George was quite nice, although it was hot. I basically started the truck in the morning, put it in gear, and turned on the air conditioning. Shawna and Hanna arrived about 9:30 PM the night before, so we formed our own little convoy to head bravely east.

We stopped for a bit in Chetwynd for a bit of a break. Oddly enough, I met a guy there while waiting for Shawna to get gas whose children are in Whitehorse. Yes, the world can be reasonably small.

Our next stop was Dawson Creek. We ate there, and it was also still quite smoky.

Once we headed into Alberta, I cheated and took Highway 59 to bypass going through Grande Prairie to get to Clairmont. This was good, because I didn’t have the address where we would be staying. I meant I had to stop and meet Ernie at the car wash. Suffice to say, the camper needed a good scruffing.

We arrived at about 6 PM. I find there’s a huge gas mileage difference if I stick to 100 kph, and I’m quite happy with that speed. I really didn’t get time to take many pictures on the road. We stopped at two rest stops, both situated for convenience in the distance they were apart.

We took a little time to get settled the next few days. I met Devon and Charlie’s neighbours and had a few beers at their place last night. A few more than I needed, but that happens.

Today has been dedicated to decorating, which I’ll willingly concede is not my strong point. We did, however, construct a balloon arch, with me, Katrina, Ryan and Shawna tying balloons until there’s far less skin on my fingers. The finished product is quite nice, mind you.

I’ll post some pictures, but trying to do this tethered to my cell is not working well. At least, if I keep notes, I can show them after I get back to Whitehorse and have a reasonable internet connection again.

This morning did start with a small chore after I had my tea. I had to turn the motorhome around and back in. Apparently, the bylaw department does not allow you to park a motorhome driven into the driveway. It must be backed in. The alternative option is a $500 fine, so turning it around, not a huge chore, is far easier than the alternative…


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