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Road Trip, Day 8

August 2014
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Posting has been a little difficult. The wi-fi has been spotty and I seem to be constantly disconnected. Posting the other day took two days to get the post up.

This is our third day in Prince George. We got in the other day and were too tired to do anything. Last night, though, I went to dinner with Mike and Ashleigh and Katie. We went to Kelly O’Brien’s. Since both Mike and Ashleigh work there, it seems like a good enough recommendation. Actually, I’ve eaten there before and it’s nice. It’s more a pub than a restaurant, but the food is good.

Now, we are waiting for Shawna and Hanna to join us. The original plan was to meet them at a slightly easier place to find than the RV park. I thought the Walmart parking lot would be a good choice, since there is overnight camping allowed there. Just park with your camper facing the front of the store and park on the right side of the parking lot.

We have made a slight change. We are staying at the park here. Having a place to plug in is a necessity, since the air conditioner requires it. Clara doesn’t like the noise of the fan, but there don’t seem to be too many complaints.


Yes, the sending unit is in the shade.

Yes, the sending unit is in the shade.

I guess I’ve been a northerner who hasn’t left the north in too long. Actually, I haven’t been south in more than two years. High 20s is my idea of hot, and this has been hotter than that. The last few days have been 32° for a high, but this is more than I like and it’s not 4 PM. The temperature here seems to climb until 6 or so. I don’t want to know where this ends. Plus, the bottom number is the inside temperature, with the AC running. It eventually made it to 36.

I did catch a cab to Canadian Tire today, to see if I could get a bug screen for the camper. It would have to be ordered, so that didn’t help. Maybe I’ll get one in Grande Prairie. I walked across the lot to Walmart, though and did pick up a few groceries. No, I did not forget the bacon this time…


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