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Road Trip, Day 6

August 2014
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Our starting mileage, 104,701.9. We arrived at Prince George at 6 PM, mileage 105,165.4. Our trip was 463.5 km.

We left Brian’s and Pat’s, but not Brian and Pat. We went into New Hazelton for a few things, including visiting the Farmers` Market and dumping the RV tanks. The town has one RV dump at the information centre, but it`s free use. I would rather not carry the extra weight down the road and for some reason, don`t like thinking in terms of having a wonderful vehicle that`s used to transport raw sewage.

The drive was uneventful. I did stop to get a few pictures at the Bulkley River look off. The actual location was Hagwilet, a former Carrier village.




Interpretive sign at Hagwelget.

We did stop at the SafeWay in Smithers to pick up some groceries. I went for a few staples, but managed to forget bacon. How do you do that?

The drive was nice, although there were lots of hills, but nothing serious. We did arrive at the campground, the Blue Cedars RV Park in Prince George. It was hot, and Clara hates the noise the air conditioner makes so be prepared to cook.

I called the kids to try and set up dinner tomorrow evening. When the sun and the temperature drop a bit, I’ll wander off to get a shower and cool off that way. Meanwhile, since cooking makes me think I’ll die with the heat, 28°, I think I’ll just do a sandwich and salad and enjoy the drink of rum in front of me…






  1. Hey Doug, I’ve been following your trip with a certain amount of envy. I love summer road trips and camping. It’s just not in the realm of the possible this year so I am relegated to enjoying it all vicariously through your posts. It was good to see Brian again and having driven the same route you are describing on a number of occasions, I am able to visualize the various points of interest you’ve mentioned along the way as if I was actually there. Thanks for the holiday. 🙂

  2. You’re welcome, Chris. It’s been fun.

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