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Road Trip, Day 1

August 2014
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After packing the camper over several days, we finally left this morning. We were slightly delayed getting out of Whitehorse, owing largely to me forgetting to register the vehicles and having to wait until Monday morning to do that.

Our starting mileage was 103462.1 km. I got gas at Junction 37 Services (108.61l/437.9 km, or 4.03 km/l). It’s not as good as we got on our first trip to Faro, but not as bad as last time. I suspect our mileage is largely dependent on who fills the tank and how much gas actually gets put in it.

The Alaska Highway is in really good shape. There was only one minor construction area between Whitehorse and the junction with Highway 37 and you missed it in a hurry. However, the first 85 km of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway were terrible. There were lots of frost heaves and this was the most winding part of the road. The speed limit is 80 km/hr., but there is no way you can actually drive that fast. After Km 85, it did get much better until about 25 km before Dease Lake.

The first stretch was so bumpy some of the plates actually fell, opening the cupboard door and exploded on the floor. Some sweeping was called for on the side of the road.

This last run for the day was on even worse highway. There are many frost heaves, gravel patches, and pot holes. Drive carefully through here if you are coming this way. I’m left to wonder that the rest of the Stewart-Cassiar will be like for tomorrow’s drive. We have about 500 km to go on it.

Our daily travel mileage was 672.9 km. It’s not a bad day per se, but I didn’t get as much sleep as I could have last night and I am more than happy we got this far. We stayed at Dease Lake RV Park, which is right in town, or as in town as Dease Lake has. The park is basic, with a full hookup site with pull through costing about $28.

Yukon River Bridge, near the rest area west of Whitehorse.

Yukon River Bridge, near the rest area west of Whitehorse.

Cassiar Mountains.

Cassiar Mountains.


Cassiar Mountains.

Cassiar Mountains.


We got into the RV park about 8 PM, counting in the time it took to level and hook up the camper. We waited a bit before making supper and then went to bed.




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