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I want to go luging

February 2014
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Since the Olympics are coming up, I can once again admit that I have always wanted to try luge. I know, the sanity level involved in laying exposed on a sled hurtling down a track at about 130 kph may be questionable.

And, now, albeit on a small scale, I may get my chance. One of the college students is supervising the construction of a short luge track. I will be small, but I’m sure will function to get this out of my system.

track image

Top of the luge track

track image

The curve

Interestingly, this interest in luge does not apply to skeleton. Yes, you are exposed and still go at about the same speed. However, unlike luge where you go feet first, skeleton goes head first. And, some mental oddity makes me think that, if I hit something at 130 kph, it’ll make a lot of difference if you hit feet first…


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  1. deborahtd says:

    This is great. Years ago there was a concrete luge type run in … Vernon? Penticton? Anyway, I went as a teenager and had a blast. It’s a good thing too, because if I had the chance to do it now I would be far too adult and conscious of the risks. Post photos of the look on your face before and after…you may not end up with the luge longing out of your system after all!

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