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The first great adventure

July 2012
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For some reason, after a week of being confined to the house and the hospital, I was getting a little shack-wacky. So, since I felt reasonable, I figured I take a run down and get a coffee. But, this took a bit of logistical planning.

We loaned one of the vehicles out so I only had the pickup. However, it was hooked up to the boat. I can disconnect the wires and chains, but can’t lift the hitch off the trailer. I’ve been given a 20 lb weight limit for the next six weeks and there are moments when I think I probably couldn’t lift that much.  Clara saved the day by lifting the trailer off the boat and putting the tongue on blocks. Thanks, Honey.

So, I headed downtown, saw a few people, grabbed a coffee, bought some drugs, and, after an hour and 15 minutes, was ready to head home. I was out of steam but made sure I hadn’t overdone it. Not bad for a week after surgery. I will admit that a nap followed shortly afterwards.

So, thus endeth my first post surgery adventure. Cue the Indiana Jones theme at any time…


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