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How to sweat the small stuff

June 2012
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It’s strange the things that throw you off in times like these. It’s not the huge issues that are the problem. It’s the little, mundane things that throw you for a loop.

I have, probably for some totally perverse reason, been obsessing over getting the garbage out at Dad’s. With everyone here last week, there was a fair bit of it. And, Cape Breton Regional Municipality has mandatory recycling, which is not a problem in itself. However, they collect your recycling and the formula for what goes where was, to me, a bit confusing. Home, I just take the stuff to the recycling center and put it in its proper bins, including sorting plastic by grade. No problem. Figuring out what goes in what blue bag, with even fewer criteria than those I’m used to has befuddled me.

All being said and done, however, it’s all sorted and out on the street for pickup tomorrow morning. And, in spite of how minor a job this is, I feel infinitely less stressed now that it’s out there…


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