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I am not a fan of airports

June 2012
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They say that travel broadens your horizons, yet every time I travel  a long distance, I become convinced that, maybe, my horizons are broad enough.

As I sit here, in my 6th hour of 8½, I find that there really isn’t much in the form of entertainment in a long layover. I could have had an opportunity to visit friends, but the timing was a little too close for comfort and I have no desire to miss my flight east. Oh, well. Next time will come eventually. I also didn’t get a chance to visit with my brother and sister-in-law, either. Again, next time.

If this was a pleasure trip, perhaps, this would be a little better. However, travelling for funerals is not my favourite pastime, either.

So, here I sit. I’ll go back to my book and hope I don’t turn into a cup of Earl Grey tea before my flight leaves…


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