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Deja vu… encore

May 2012
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Well, I went off to see the surgeon again the other day to get his perspective on my incisional hernia. My family doctor’s comments were not what I was hoping to hear. It went along the lines of, “Oh, it’s let go completely. Back to the body shop for you.”

At the consult, the surgeon sort of agreed. I say, “Sort of” since I don’t have an incisional hernia. I have two. I feel like I”ve been bulk shopping, although this probably wasn’t my planned purchase.

What happened? Well, 10% of abdominal surgeries do develop a later hernia. Also, remember my little slip on the ice on Christmas Eve? That was probably the biggest contributor to my current ills. And, the fact that both incisions got infected probably threw in a last two cents (of course, that’s now rounded up to a nickel) that was needed.

It’s not an emergency so I’m going in the regular rotation. No, I’m not coming in relief in the eighth inning. It means that I go for surgery at the end of July or in August. It means a three-day stay in hospital and no lifting for two months. If this is the brass ring, I think I’d like off this merry-go-round at any time.

This better not cut into my fishing…


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