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Opening night survived

May 2012
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We survived opening night and it seemed to go over very well. Some people found that it wasn’t what they had expected, although I do try to explain that the earthquake is the backdrop to the play and not the play itself. Yes, it has funny moments. Yes, the scene we present does end with a bit of a surprise. I like surprises.

However, there was a bit of playwright abuse at the end. Clara explained something to Heather and me that my grandson, Ryan, had commented upon.

Ryan: I think Heather has a crush on Poppy.

Clara: Why?

Ryan: She laughs at all of his jokes and they’re not that funny.

I got a bit of a giggle out of that until Heather responded, “It’s the only way I could get cast.”

Fortunately, it was the only abuse I got last night. I can live with that…


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