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There is an easy way to do this

April 2012
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Well, the use of the proper tool wasn’t much help. The fitting on the back of the water heater is simply in there too tight to remove with a basin wrench. That left plan B, removing the hot water heater.

A friend mentioned the other day that it would be a better way to do it, even though it would take over an hour to get the heater out. I sucked up my courage and started the awful chore of pulling out the water heater. In total, it took almost 10 minutes to do.

image of water heater hole

I’ll admit, it’s now a little ugly looking with a huge hole in the side of the camper. However, this just gives me an excuse to clean out this area before the water heater goes back in. And, with an 18″ pipe wrench, you’d be amazed at how quickly the fitting came off the back. Of course, you can convince a lot of things into compliance with an 18″ pipe wrench, can’t you?

So, I’ll let the area dry out a bit tonight and pick up a new fitting tomorrow morning, and run in the new water line. I’m going to run in a city water connection, a lacking amenity, at the same time. With a little luck, I’ll have the water supply sorted out tomorrow afternoon. Then, all I need is the grey water tank repaired and we’ll be back in business…


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