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Oh, wow! Here we go again.

March 2012
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It seems my ongoing surgery merry-go-round just doesn’t want to end. What we originally thought were two fluid pockets on the December incision appears to be an incisional hernia. I’ve been referred to the surgeon and, as my doctor said, “Back to the body shop for you.”

For those unfamiliar, a hernia is a weakness in the abdominal wall. In my case, the weakness doesn’t run in the normal direction up-and-down because muscle tissue separated. Instead, mine developed because of the repair work and the cutting of tissue along the incision from my last surgery. What causes this? There are lots of reasons, although the chief suspect is the fall I had right before Christmas on an icy sidewalk (see a previous post). Also, infection can contribute and, of course, my incision got rather infected as well. Then, any abdominal incision can develop a hernia. And, as my family doctor states, “Oh, you’ve just let go completely, haven’t you?” I really needed that amount of detail. Anyway, the bottom line is that my abdominal wall has a weak spot and my small intestine is trying to escape through it.

So, I presently wait for the appointment with the surgeon to get some idea of when it’s going to be repaired. They sew everything together and then sew a plastic mesh over the top to keep it that way. Think of it as getting a new front grill.

I’m back to my current line of thinking. I’m hoping that, if all else fails, I’m using up someone else’s bad luck for them and they’ll be spared something of their own. Maybe, if there is such a thing, karma may kick in, preferably in conjunction with a lottery ticket…



  1. Niall Sheridan says:

    Once the job is done, the new front grill works a treat!!

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