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Time (or tempus fidgets)

March 2012
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With two projects on the go, I have rediscovered how much I like having spare time. Getting ready for St. Patrick’s, not having played a lot in the last 6 months and finalizing the play script for the Homegrown Festival have kept me hopping. In my defense, the script changes are to the part I’m doing and the changes to Heather’s part only involve the adding of a single word so there won’t be huge differences between the script I gave her and the final one.

Don’t forget to add that to work, finalizing the focus of a new column in What’s Up Yukon and looking after a wounded wife, who fortunately doesn’t need that much looking after, with the additional factor that I may need more minor surgery to think of on top of this.

Someone asked me why I don’t do any contract work anymore. I’m reminded at how much more I’d rather have the time than the money.

So, I am remembering how much I like having some spare time. That being said, I’ll probably do a better job of rediscovering it when I actually have some…


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