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Another year older

December 2011
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As 2011 fades into the distance, as it already has in parts of the world, I sit back and think of what the year brought. No, I do not cheer the passing of each year. Every year brings the bad as well as the good and I like to think that I would rather look fondly on the good things that happened in the year than focus on the negative. This is probably one reason why I don’t go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve.

I suppose our biggest news of the past year involved multiple trips to the hospital and surgery on several occasions. Considering that all came out well, and the problem left untreated could well have had somewhat final consequences, I think it was all to the good. Heck, I even lost a few pounds that I really should have shed years ago, albeit using a somewhat less drastic method. I’m healthy again and lighter. Double bonus! I also get to remind my siblings that my issues are hereditary and each of them has a 50% chance of going through the same thing so, getting checked out now is a good thing. I’d like to be selfish with my health problems, please and thank you.

We met new people and had good times. We did get camping a few times, and the little camping we did will only make camping in the New Year more appreciated. OK, I didn’t get fishing at all. Yes, that’s bad. However, we have a new boat and a new outboard and it will make fishing a lot easier to achieve since the camper can pull this boat and trailer and we don’t have to take two vehicles to the campground. Two trips out and back each way does take some of the fun out of it and this is now a thing of the past. And, the fish won’t recognize the new boat and hide in fear when they know I’m coming.

So, we’ll end this year on a few high points. I’m healing quite nicely. Clara is getting a new cell phone. We’re buying a friend’s treadmill. The family is healthy. What more could I ask for, other than something involving the lottery…


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