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The last milestone approacheth

November 2011
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I eagerly await my final surgery, which was tentatively scheduled for December 8th. I say tentatively, since it was largely dependent upon the results of tests on Friday. After all, why finish the repair job until you were sure the last repair had completely healed.

This is particularly important since, after the first surgery, I painfully learned that it had not healed and sprung a leak at my colon resection a week after the surgery… and on the day I was probably going to be discharged from the hospital. This made Friday an important day. End result: all has healed quite nicely, although there is some inflammation at the site of the second repair job. In short, my December 8 surgery date is now fixed and I can’t wait (looking forward to surgery is a good sign, right?)

In case you’re wondering how such an “inspection” takes place, picture a camera and light on a tube, the easiest point of access and run with that idea. Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel may not be a train. It could be your surgeon.

And, since the inspection was only the area of the surgery, there was no anaesthesia. Yup, that meant I got to watch this time. For what it’s worth, seeing the inside of your colon on television is actually rather neat when you get used to the concept, particularly when you see surgical staples sticking through the side of it. Although, I don’t mind taking the odd TV gig, that wasn’t what I normally had in mind…




  1. Niall Sheridan says:

    The inside of your bladder and your stomach are cool too!!

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