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Another playwriting competition ends

November 2011
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You’ll notice that the playwriting festival ended at 11 am and I’m only posting this now. Needless to say, a certain degree of napping was required before I slaved over a hot wok to make supper. OK, I slaved over driving to the restaurant to pick up my order but you get the point.

I entered last year and had a great time. This is an excellent way to spend a whole day. You have the marvellous benefit of a deadline to force you to work. And, given the short time frame involved, your expectations don’t have to be incredibly high. No one is expecting a finished product after such a short period of time. And, you get a chance to bounce ideas off people who are also bouncing ideas off you, as well as a dramaturg on site to provide advice on how to get unstuck on this or how to fix that. And, at the end, there’s a breakfast provided.

I had quite high, read “unreasonable,” expectations on the amount of work I’d get in. I did get to the list of main points I wanted to deal with and need some more tweaking to get it finished. (I think my ability to see typos and bizzare grammar also degrades with lack of sleep. At 3 in the morning, for some reason, “3hdir” is a perfectly acceptable word.) As I mentioned, I’m at the point where I need to hear it read to move on. This will come in the near future.

I now get to wait to hear the results. I also get to present 5 minutes of the play at the cabaret they hold for the competition and this is when the winners are announced. Patience must rule until November 25th…


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  1. Hi Doug, I did’t know you wrote. Very nice! I dabble myself – well, I keep starting the great Canadian novel…

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