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Pumpkin mania

October 2011
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I must not fully be myself as I only bought two pumpkins for Hollowe’en this year. I’ve done as many as 12 once, although I normally restrict it to three or so. I also bought them at Super A, which means they cost about three times as much as they would have if I’d run down to Superstore to get them so this was a consideration in the number I bought.

After you get your pumpkins, you must determine what they’ll look like. Remember, the character of the pumpkin is important and must match the pattern you choose. I use a pattern since I’m not up to freehanding. You can get patterns or make your own. You can buy them, download them from the internet or make them using a variety of methods. Just drawing them is one end of the range of difficulty to using a graphics program to blow the contrast into a photograph and use it as a pattern.

So, here are this year’s pumpkins. I opted for a theme…

Pumpkin pictures.


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