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Cleanup commences

October 2011
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Success! The city was going to send the Public Works crew to clean the property across the street but they may not have to. A neighbour has been hired to clean the property for the renter. He’s already booked a tow truck to get all the vehicles and remove them. The neighbour has been gone somewhere for months and his boarders who were staying there left when the power was cut off a few weeks ago so the place has been deserted. Now, at least it will be a bit better to look at, although God knows what’s been spilled on the property. I think we’ll ask the Department of the Environment to rescind the hazardous waste storage permit based on the fact he’s abandoned the property and get an inspection done.

Gee. It’s only taken two and a half years…



  1. Niall Sheridan says:


  2. Dave Rogers says:

    I was going to say “Congratulations!” but instead I’ll just shout: Progress!

    And now I’ll go vote, hopefully for a government willing and able to rescind hazardous waste permits.

  3. They have promised to clean it before with no results. So far, all that’s happened is they put up some No Trespassing signs. I think Public Works is coming tomorrow if nothing’s happened by then, so today is the last day to get it done. And, it’s snowing…
    Also, this is just cleaning the outside of the lot and has no effect on anything involving the hazardous wastes on the site. That will involve a change of government to one more interested in its constituents than its personal friends.

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