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I officially need a new wardrobe

October 2011
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A few things are new in the last couple of days. The big thing is that, for the first time since the last week of August, I wore pants! Real pants! I’ve been wearing pajamas or jogging pants since surgery, except in the hospital where I wore one of those “moon suit” gowns… named more for what you did wearing it rather than where you were going to wear it.

Waistlines were an issue for me since my incision, which was rather tender and still draining, runs up and perpendicular to my waist. In most cases, I’d actually pull up the joggies or jammies quite high, above the incision. Now, I can wear one of my elastic waist pants I found at Mark’s that have many pockets and were quite comfortable. However, there is now an issue. They used to fit perfectly, when I was three waist sizes larger. Forty pounds later, they don’t look as clean fitting as they used to. In fact, my pant legs closely resemble elephant legs, although more for their bagginess than their size. I won’t even describe how my shirts fit. I guess I have to go shopping. Soon.

A few other things came up yesterday. Since my incision isn’t draining, I no longer have to pack the incision and can now change my own dressings. Home care doesn’t have to come every day and I don’t see a nurse again until Tuesday, just to check. I also don’t have to change the dressing every day and every two days is fine. I also got a letter in the mail. The date for my scope is set at November 18th. Surgery is to be one to two weeks afterwards. In short, my summer from Hell is almost over. The summer part is long over, I realize. The Hell part is destined to end up shortly too. I guess the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train, after all…


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  1. Niall Sheridan says:

    What’s the next surgery / scope Doug?

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