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Three weeks after surgery

September 2011
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It’s been three weeks (and one day) since my (last) operation and a quick progress report is probably necessary for some of my more far-flung relatives.

As things stand, I have far less pain and often go most of the day without painkillers. I do a bit of walking, although I still can’t go very far. I sleep in the mornings and have a tendency to nap in the afternoons still. And, after visiting the surgeon yesterday morning, I am allowed to drive again. I haven’t yet, but I’m allowed to.

However, after yesterday, the surgeon is rather unhappy with how my incision is draining. Therefore, she decided to reopen part of the incision yesterday to allow for it to drain, She used scissors. No, it was not the high point of my week. Next, she packed the opening with gauze to ensure it doesn’t close over and can drain. This now means that I can’t do dressing changes anymore so home care has to come every day now. Last week, everyone seemed so happy with the incision closing.

It also looks like I might start showing up to work for most mornings, at least, in a few weeks time. We’re waiting until the six week mark for that and I’m not sure how much I’ll accomplish. I can’t sit upright for very long and get tired pretty quickly on my trips out of the house.

I probably need to buy some stylish jogging pants as well as my 12+ inch long incision really doesn’t like tight clothing.  Not that tight clothing is an issue since I’ve lost 37 pounds since June and my entire wardrobe is “fat clothes.” Clara looks at my pajamas and asks, “Don’t you have anything smaller?” 

I won’t say where my incision starts,  but let’s just say that  I won’t be asking very many people if they want to see my scar. Sometimes, the world is better with more mystery…


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