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September 2011
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I’ll admit it. I’m bored.

I’ve been home since Friday and recovery will be slow. I still can’t move very far, although I can go up and down stairs. This is important because it differs between sleeping downstairs on the sofa bed or upstairs on our real bed. Sofa bed mattresses are designed for two specific engineering functions. First is the ability to fold up and go back to being a sofa. This makes it need to be thin and uncomfortable. The second function is to make sure that your company isn’t encouraged to stay too long and ours certainly meets this important criterion. The alternative, upstairs, is a 14″ chiropractic mattress on a queen sized bed, so the ability to get upstairs is a big bonus.

I walk around the house a lot so I’m getting some exercise.  I went for a walk down the road a bit the other day but it’s been windy and I haven’t had much of a chance since then to do it again. Walking involves a bit of planning. I need to bring Clara with me in case I can only get so far and you have to really remember to plan for the walk out and back again.

We’re getting really good at changing dressings. I got a bit of a reprieve from that yesterday when Home Care showed up. I had a shower on Saturday which gave me the opportunity to actually look at the incision in the mirror. It’s about a foot long and is held together with about 30 staples. I go to the surgeon’s office tomorrow to see if they come out, or some come out, or we leave them in longer. Since I had two operations, the incision will take much longer to heal than if it had been used only once.

My big concern is that it’s very easy to come up with an incisional hernia after this. Therefore, the heaviest thing I can pick up is a coffee cup.

I’ll be off work for quite a bit longer. I may try to pop in for a bit in about a month’s time but am not expecting too much for the first while. I’m concentrating on getting everything ready for courses in January, which I have to be ready for early. I probably go back for the last little surgical bit, and I am quite glad it’s “little,” in early December. Then, I’m off until the new term starts. It’s kind of scary how much work I’ve missed with this and knee surgery in early June.

Well, that’s about how things are. I’m keeping low-key since I’ve picked up a bit of a bug and am less energetic than normal, which, sadly, isn’t saying much…


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