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I’m back

September 2011
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That took a wee bit longer than originally planned.

I went to the hospital on August 24th for abdominal surgery to repair a fistula, a connection between the colon and the bladder. This explains why I’ve basically been miserable since February and probably the February before. The end result is that I’ve basically had bladder and kidney infections for the past year and feel just miserable. I’ve been tired and had trouble working a full day since the winter.

I finally got it diagnosed when I came down with the bladder infection from Hell and had to go into emergency on a weekend. The on call surgeon figured it out based on a new symptom and since it’s very rare, was able to schedule a few more tests and confirm it.

I had surgery, which basically called for cutting a piece out of the colon where it was infected, patching the bladder and putting some fat in between the two to prevent it from recurring. I did not get to pick where the fat came from, although I tried. This was the original plan; however, as in 5% of these surgeries, I sprung a leak where the two pieces of the colon were reattached and had to have another operation to repair this and clean out the abdominal cavity. This represented another week of setback and means my recovery will be longer. Also, as a part of the repair, I will also have to have more surgery as well as several tests before hand sometime in early December to finish the repair.

Now, two and a half weeks later, I came home. It is kind of scary to give up my 24 hour nursing care. I guess I have to leave the nest eventually. I still have a lot of pain, tire very easily and am quite weak. I also have to be very careful to avoid causing an incisional hernia by overdoing it. I’m allowed to pick up a cup of tea and that’s about it.

Thanks, all, for the many wishes. I am extremely grateful to each and every one. Now, I promise a more consistent posting schedule…


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