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Reasonable warranty service

August 2011
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Having had unhappy dealings with the new netbook I bought in February, I finally opted for just starting over and buying another computer. It was an Acer and it took from February until June to convince them that it should probably get fixed because, when using the computer with it plugged in, you’d get a shock whenever you touched the bottom. However, sending it back would have cost $140 plus about another $40 in packing materials and, tax included, the computer only cost $250. I waffled for a while and then Clara convinced me to just send it on, parcel post. It came back last week with a new motherboard and you can use it without getting curly hair now.

I ordered a new Dell laptop and have been quite happy with it. However, two of the keys on the keyboard started to stick and one, the letter “M,” became almost unusable. (Note my continued use of this letter in this blog post). Therefore, on Friday, I called Dell technical support. The guy on the other end of the line was cheerful, and started off with an apology that the keyboard was defective. The only such thing I got from Acer was, “Sorry, you have to pay to have it shipped.” I explained the problem and he put me on hold for a few minutes. Seems he was trying to find a technician to install the new keyboard and had some trouble. I told him that, since I teach that sort of thing, I had no problems with installing it myself and… wait for it… he thanked me for making his job easier. Then, since it was Friday morning, he apologized that, sadly, there was no possible way to get it to Whitehorse before… here it comes… Monday. It arrived about 10 this morning. I just have to repack the old one for returning, which Dell, by the way, pays for.

I’m now happily using the letter “M” as needed. I gave Clara the netbook and she finds it a bit faster than the older laptop, which is missing the letter “K” key from a run-in with out granddaughter. Katrina now has that one. It’s the circle of life, computer style…


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