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Quick Progress Report

August 2011
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I do have a few things to report of across the street. If you read the newspaper article, you would notice that he’s been hiding from the city who have been trying to serve papers on him for over a year. They haven’t been able to catch his daughter, who lives in Alberta and is the actual owner of the property for over two.

The night before last, the city caught up to the neighbour. He was served with papers that state that in a few weeks, the city is coming to clean the property to their standards and billing him and the property owner for the cost. Why do I picture that six or so city workers making $30+/hr in wages in benefits for hours on end to run up quite a tidy sum as being far worse than actually keeping your property up?

Now I’m wondering when my surgery will be. After all, this is a form of entertainment I would rather not miss and it would the first time in over two years that you could sit on my bedroom balcony and not be disgusted by the trash across the street.

So, kudos to the city for the achievement. Sadly, the Department of the Environment is apparently not so capable…



  1. Congratulations! Will you be filming the event?

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