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Still nothing on the hazardous waste site across the street

July 2011
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We discovered on the 3rd of June that the neighbour across the street had licensed the property for storage of hazardous wastes. To this point, there has still been absolutely no action taken to remove his hazardous waste storage permit. This has been in the hands of both the Territorial Government and the city and neither seems legally capable of dealing with the situation.

To say that we are frustrated is understatement. I see the surgeon on Thursday afternoon so I have no idea of what my schedule will be for next week. That being said, it is time to go back to city council and rattle their chains. Yes, council has been emailed the details on this situation so they are aware… or at least as aware as they are physically capable of being. Yes, the head of bylaw services has also notified them that they are required to take action. It is time to get a lawyer and take some more direct action if this does not have the desired effect.

The neighbour, by the way, has not been seen at the house for a while. His garbage is still there but it looks like two youngsters living there at the moment. I think they are two of his employees but I’m not sure on that. The only thing we are sure of is that neither YTG or city council offers much in the way of competence…


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