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The more I get done, the more needs doing

July 2011
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I’ve been busy working on the boat. That being said, I had two biggish jobs to do. I got them done, only to discover two more biggish jobs. OK, one was a big job.

When I went to position the height of the keel roller, I noticed the boat is actually sitting on the wheel fenders. That meant that I needed to raise the bunks the boat sits on. This is fun since the boat is actually sitting on them at the time. With a little ingenuity, and a tire jack and some 2×6 blocks, I raised each side high enough to be able to lift the bunks to the next height. It should actually be a bit higher, but I might get by. If necessary, I’ll get 4 aluminum blocks cut and use these under the bolts the bunk height adjusters rest on. This should give me a bit more height.

Next, I was getting a bit panicky on the weight on the trailer tongue. That’s because there really wasn’t any. The trailer is for a 14-17′ boat so it’s a bit longer than the boat needed. So, I moved the axle back another 7″ which should give me a bit more tongue weight. I really have to road test it to be sure whether or not it should come back a bit more. Why 7″? I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether to bring it back 6″ and 8″, and I am fond of compromise.

All in all, I have probably overdone it again but I did get all done. Now, there are only two things left. First, I have to attach the boat seat to a milk crate. Next, I discovered that the tie down I bought for the boat is too short. I eyeballed it and said 10′ would be fine. Actually 10′ 6″ would be more in the realm of practicality. Back to Canadian Tire, I’m afraid.

Now, I am having a beer and thinking of taking it easy for the night. A shower, since I had to douse myself with bug dope to work in the shelter of under the trailer, would be the next totally strenous thing I have planned on the agenda…


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