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Getting the boat ready

July 2011
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I thought that having a brand new boat and trailer would be quick and easy to get ready to take it off to the lakes. I must rethink that idea.


The boat is assembled and inflated. "The Keptin is on his wessel, Keptin."

We did get the boat inflated and the floorboards in and we got the motor on and installed, mostly. I am going to bolt it to the transom rather than rely on just the clamps but want to run it to make sure that it’s properly centred, etc., before I do that.

I also need to arrange a seat for the driver, since the boat came with only one seat and you need something for your passengers as well. We went to the dealer to see if they sell extra seats. They have one in stock on the computer but after a diligent search, could not find it in the shop. I found one online, but they don’t ship outside the continental US. The dealer will order one but it won’t be in until sometime in mid- to late August. So, I bought a boat seat at Canadian Tire yesterday and it is extremely comfortable. I’m going to mount it on a swivel and mount that to a milk crate for the time being. This is a rather easy job and I stole the idea from Derrick McKay, who did the same for his inflatable. The swivel is already on the seat and I just have to clean a milk crate and bolt it on.

Next, I need to move the keel roller and post on the trailer. I bought it without it being configured since it came from a different place than where I bought the boat. This is not a big job but I haven’t got to it yet. This will only take about half an hour so it’s not the huge bit of work you might expect.

The big problem is the lights. I went to test the trailer hookup plug on the truck and there wasn’t any power coming out. I did the automatic assumption and bought a new connector to hook in. When I cut the old one off, I discovered that the previous owner must have had one hell of a short, since the wires are burnt. That’s OK, since there is (supposed to be) an easy fix. Several companies make the quick snap T-connectors for adding trailer wiring to a vehicle. You simply disconnect the wiring plug in the back of your vehicle, snap in the connector between the two plugs and “Voilà!” However…

Canadian Tire had only one on their computer inventory for a 2006 Ford Ranger. It doesn’t have a location so the clerk figures it has been long sold. “By the way, Sir, it’s been discontinued.” NAPA and Bumper to Bumper sell a different brand, but that doesn’t make one for my truck.  Ford can actually get one, but it  has to be ordered and will take about a week. I tried one of the RV places but they don’t sell them, as is the case for the third auto parts store in town. I’ll phone the other two RV places today just to see, rather than run down the Alaska Highway to find out they don’t have them. Looks like I’m just going to do the old-fashioned splice in a new trailer connector thing that I was hoping to avoid.

Hopefully, we’ll get it wet tomorrow or Monday…


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