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Medical testing done!

July 2011
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I had my tests this morning and have come to the following conclusion. It’s amazing how good the words “no malignancy” and a coffee and muffin after 28 hours of fasting can make you feel. There is a bit of not good news, in that I need to have surgery to repair the colon and bladder in about two weeks time. However, we knew this had to be done anyway, so this is not a suprise from out of the blue.

I’ll be in hospital for about a week and off for about six weeks in total. That being said, this has probably been why I’ve been miserable since last fall and it will be nice to have it out of the way. On the other hand, I just sent off my cv and head shots for an audition that I will now have to cancel and I was looking forward to it.

There’s another good thing. Maybe, knowing all is well, I can undo a bit of bad behaviour. I somehow, with the stress of this, managed to start smoking again last weekend. I think I should go back to behaving myself, or at least behaving myself as well as I am capable…


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