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A nice camping weekend… in spite of all

July 2011
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This is the second time we’ve gone camping and the second time we came in for a memorial service over the weekend. I went out on Thursday definitely not in the mood for a camping trip, but under some profound encouragement, went out anyway. I didn’t think I was going to be the happiest camper in the world. I was a bit down in the dumps over Steve Cardiff’s death and have not been feeling well for a few days. Neither contributed to the possibility of a great weekend.

In spite of it all, it was a nice weekend. We went out with Shawna and little Hanna and the weather, in spite of a forecast that had rain as the high point for the entire weekend (thunder showers were the forecast for the less than good days). The weather did hold for much of the weekend although the Kusawa Lake road was not in its best shape. Actually, the road was some of the worst I’ve seen it since they upgraded the road about 10 or so years ago. This was kind of curious since, at the turnoff from the Alaska Highway, there is a big Canadian Economic Action Plan sign with Road Improvements listed as the project on it. I suspect that whoever was overseeing the project spent a lot of money on beer.

Sitting in the camper.

As mentioned, we did come in for a bit. I came in Friday afternoon to go to the play reading of Catherine Frid’s Homegrown. I was definitely curious to see what all the controversy over the play was, since the Prime Minister’s Office stated that the play “glorified terrorism” and may have resulted in the termination of federal funding for the festival where it first ran. In case you’re curious, the children’s book Goodnight Moon is probably as controversial.

Saturday, Clara came back in the morning so we could go to Steve’s memorial service. It was a nice service and at least 400 people came out for it. After the service, I went outside for a bit. It was held at the Convention Centre, next to the High County Inn, locally famous for the 20 foot high wooden mountie in front. The last time I stepped outside for a smoke with Steve was under the mountie, so I sat out there for a bit myself with a nice little cigar. It’s kind of a hokie thing, but…

We went back in that evening. It was incredibly windy most of the weekend. I’m glad that we didn’t bring a boat with us since we would have taken it for nothing.

Waves on the lakeshore.

 Katrina came out Saturday as well, so we had quite a group. Ryan was supposed to come out that evening, but he didn’t make it. We had a bit of a panic and Katrina and I drove out to the highway to cellphone range and called him. He had left too late so wasn’t coming out.

The girls left on Sunday after we made Sunday dinner: salt beef, roast, chicken and vegetables. Clara and I decided to stay an extra day and spent most of the evening on the beach in front of the campsite. We got up early and came back so I could pick up the new outboard for the inflatable boat. There should be pictures of that coming up shortly. All in all, I did have a decent time and, as you can see, camping isn’t the most stressful thing in the world…

Sleeping on the beach.


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