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No word from the surgeon or the environment department

July 2011
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Not much new, I’m afraid. I see the surgeon tomorrow afternoon and should have a better idea of how my schedule will work out for the rest of the summer at that point. I know two people who have had similar things done and both were off work for three months after. I’m going to probably have to reschedule my classes for this.

On other fronts, it’s the same thing. I sent an e-mail to the department of the environment to see if they have made any headway with the neighbour across the street. I sent that last Wednesday. I did receive an out of office message saying they would be back Thursday and do hope to hear something, preferably something good, sometime soon. Given the few results, I have talked to a friend who produces the local CBC morning show and have rounded up some of the neighbours who are more than willing to talk to the press about our ongoing issues. They are, rightfully, incensed that someone would issue a permit to store hazardous wastes in the middle of a residential neighbourhood without checking, and this should become blatantly obvious rather quickly. The fact that more than a month has passed since this was brought to their attention and nothing seems to have been done has also been noted. Needless to say, someone is going to look rather bad over this one.

That’s all I have. I went back to work, even though I’m on vacation for the next few days, until I find out what’s happening. I’m not really up for work but there isn’t much choice as I have to get courses ready and will have no chance to get up to date if I don’t…



  1. I have heard back from the environment department. They have no way to remove his permit arbitarily, even though it was issued in error. This permit, does not supercede zoning bylaws, so it’s back in the hands of the City.

  2. Murray says:

    They certainly use the term “arbitrarily” in a way that I don’t understand. When removal is justified because the permit was issued in error, that isn’t arbitrary – to refuse to remove it when it was issued in error takes them into lawsuit territory, IMO.

  3. That’s because there is, apparently, no provision in the legislation or regulations to deal with rescinding a permit that was issued in an administrative error. I do agree, but won’t offer any additional comment, that they have certainly set themselves up for huge legal ramifications by issuing the permit in a negligent way.

  4. I agree with Murray on this one. Removing a permit that was issued “in error” is hardly arbitrary.

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