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Some thoughts for Canada Day

June 2011
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I’ll willingly admit that this is one of my favourite holidays. I know, nothing holds a candle to Hallowe’en but, this is close. Because, much as we are governed by idiots and often, our leaders aren’t sure of where we are going or what the handcart has to do with it, we still live in the greatest country in the world and the last 40 years of imbecilic governments at the Federal, Provincial/Territorial and Municipal levels have failed to destroy it, regardless of how hard they’ve tried.

Living in Canada:

  • I can e-mail my MP and tell him he’s an idiot and a liar.
  • I can get really pissed at my MP and run against him in the next election.
  • I can join a union.
  • I can join any political party I want to (and, when you consider how wing-y some of those parties are, that is really saying something).
  • I can choose to join the Armed Forces and serve my country, or not.
  • I can get an education in any discipline I choose and, while it helps, I don’t have to be rich to do it.
  • I can vote for whomever I want in an election.
  • I can marry anyone who will have me and don’t have to marry the person I’m told to.
  • I can practice any religion I choose, even Jedi. I can also choose not to believe in anything.

There are quite a few countries where this list is somewhat shorter. There are quite a few countries where this list doesn’t exist at all. The fact that it does exist, however, is what we celebrate on Canada Day. Remember, too, that this list was purchased by men and women who were willing to fight for it and many paid the highest price. and are still doing so, that you could have it.

So, enjoy the parade, the beer and the barbecue.  Enjoy the fireworks, if you don’t live in the Yukon (they’re kind of wasted here when it won’t get dark, but some of my neighbours will smuggle some for New Year’s Eve so it all works out). But remember to celebrate, because it really is worth the celebration…


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