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Warranty Curiosity

June 2011
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I bought a new Acer computer in February. It was a netbook, since it was inexpensive, I was curious about the portability factor and a small computer was really all I was looking for. It did fill that bill but had a minor problem from the very beginning. If you touched the bottom of the computer when the AC adapter was plugged in, you’d get shocked. Not a big one since the computer ran on low voltage DC, but a shock nonetheless.

I was in contact with the support department basically since March and finally, last week,  they asked me to return the computer and adapter for warranty service. It would be returned within 7 to 10 days after receipt.

However, here’s the rub. Packing materials to ship it cost about $35. Shipping it via courier with insurance would cost $140. The computer itself only cost $245 so I really didn’t see a great deal of sense in returning it. So I ordered a new one… yes, a different brand. I did turn around and send a note to the support department explaining that I would not be returning my computer for warranty service and why. Apparently, I’ll receive an answer in less than 24 hours. Or, not…



  1. I did get a response, by the way. The support person seems to think that I would be better off by spending the exorbitant amount of money, and with a reiteration that I am responsible for shipping costs, and getting my computer fixed than buying another brand of computer. I wish there was some way to make an appropriate snort noise online…

  2. […] had unhappy dealings with the new netbook I bought in February, I finally opted for just starting over and buying another computer. It was an Acer and it took […]

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